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How to Handle Lakeland Cheerleading Injuries in the Middle of the Season

Like it or not, injuries are a part of Lakeland cheerleading. This is one of the main concerns of parents when their children inform them that they want to join the cheerleading sport. It’s hard not to worry, especially when you watch athletes being thrown up twenty feet into the air, and being caught effortlessly.

However, cheerleading is pretty safe nowadays, with better gear and safety regulations in place to make sure that the athletes avoid the risk of injury. While these safety measures are in place, like with any sport, athletes can still get hurt. Perhaps the cheerleader landed in an odd position, or perhaps a routine was executed wrong.

There are a number of factors that may cause the athletes to get hurt. Fortunately, cheer coaches know how to handle instances like this, and can get the cheerleader up and running in time for the season. But what happens if the cheerleader gets hurt in the middle of the season? Here are some ways that you can handle a cheerleader’s injury if it occurs in the middle of the Lakeland cheerleading season.

Even if the athlete is injured, allow them to still come to practice

Some people assume that because the athlete is hurt, they shouldn’t be coming in to practice anymore. If the cheerleader has difficulty maneuvering around, and must have bed rest, then of course, they should stay home and recover.

But if the Lakeland cheerleading athlete is capable of walking around with crutches or a cast, then the coach should allow them to come to practice, even if it’s to observe. This keeps team morale up, as well as keeps the athlete’s spirits up as they feel as though they are still a part of the team.

While they may not be able to keep up with the physical drills, they can still handle small exercises that can also help with their physical recovery. Also, having them observe practice helps them transition back into the routine without having to learn everything from the start.

Don’t strain the athlete

Of course, as much as possible, the Lakeland cheerleading athlete must not overexert themselves. No matter how much they want to get back into the game and insist that they feel better, only a doctor can tell whether or not they have healed enough to do so. Straining yourself while you’re in the process of recovery will only make the injury worse, and take even longer to heal. So take it easy.

Rehab is a good option

Rehab is a great way to help Lakeland cheerleading athletes recover from injuries. While you shouldn’t strain the injury, simple exercises can go a long way in strengthening the injured area, and speeding up recovery.

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