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How To Hold A Successful Fundraising Event For Lakeland Cheerleading

Like any sports teams, Lakeland cheerleading squads also need to raise funds for their uniforms, gears, competitions, and many more. While they also shell out their personal money, they use these events to lighten the load on themselves and their parents, of course.

You might encounter a fundraising event for a cheerleading team in your locality. Don’t hesitate to help because the funds raised will go to a good cause. These cheerleaders will represent your city and town and who knows? They may even go to nationals.

If you are a part of a Lakeland cheerleading team and your team plans to host a fundraiser, here are some tips that can help your event become successful:

Decide the purpose of the event

Sometimes, Lakeland cheerleading athletes don’t just organize these events to fund their cheer needs and gears. They also use these events to provide for other organizations such as an orphanage, a dog pound, an environmental group, and many others.

They do this as part of their community work. You can help them raise funds by contributing even a dollar to their cause. These teams are also teaching their cheerleaders to be socially active and to have the heart for the community.

List the budget needed

What do you need to pay to hold the event? You need a place, some refreshment, and entertainment, of course. List down the items you need and make sure to discuss these with the relevant committees who will be responsible for running the finances of the event. You need to be transparent with money because this is where all problems could arise from.

Delegate the tasks

You will have different committees for each task. Learn to delegate and don’t embrace everything. You will be overwhelmed and the quality of your service will be substandard.

Know how to assign tasks to each committee. If you put them there to lead the committee, then that means you trust their judgment. Don’t back down now that you need every help you can get.

Invite your target audience

Who is your target audience? You will invite stakeholders—school admin, parents, community leaders, student body, local business owners, etc. These people are concerned about the success of your squad and they might be willing to contribute to your cause.

If they could not contribute financially, you can ask them to help in making the event successful. Remember that help is not just about the money. It can come from all other sources, too, such as a network of people a certain person might have.

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