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How to Interact With Your Child’s Lakeland Cheerleading Coach

Being a Lakeland cheerleading parent is not an easy feat. You need to plan your schedules around cheer practices and cheer meets, and you need to make sure that your child has everything that they need for cheerleading, from uniforms, to accessories, to gear. It’s a never-ending cycle all year round. If you think you get a break during the off-season in the summer, you find that there’s cheer camp to consider. However, you’ll find that it’s worth it when you see your child up there, smiling the biggest smile you’ve ever seen, doing something that they really love.

In order to make your child happy, you’re willing to go through all of that trouble and stress, because cheerleading makes your child happy. And one of the most important individuals in any cheerleader’s life is their cheer coach. The coach is the person who handles the team, decides who gets which position, and provides support for the cheerleaders, whether they win or lose.

As a parent, it’s very important that you maintain a good relationship with your child’s cheer coach. Being a cheer coach is quite stressful, and many of them do it because they care, not because of the money. Plenty of cheer coaches quit because of pressures and demands from parents, so it’s important that you keep a good bond with your child’s cheer coach.

Don’t be demanding or pushy

As mentioned before, plenty of coaches end up quitting because cheer parents can get kind of pushy, especially when their child is involved. While these parents mean well, you have to understand that the coach does know best, and it is their decision when it comes to planning out the routines. You have to let the coach do their job. Don’t demand for a better position for your child just because you think they’re the best, there may be other athletes who deserve the spot more. Remember that the coach makes their decisions for the good of the team as a whole.

Give your child the chance to speak for themselves

If your child feels like their placement on the team is unfair, don’t go marching up to the coach and demanding an explanation. Give your child the chance to fight their own battles, as this should help them build up confidence for the future. Let your child go to the coach themselves, and let them ask the coach why they didn’t get the position that they wanted.

Give the coach the chance to explain

If you or your child is talking to the Lakeland cheerleading coach for an explanation, give them the chance to clarify their decision. Coaches have a lot of experience, and understand what needs to be done for the sake of the team. And once you have heard their explanation and it sounds like a good reason, then let the issue go, and support your child to do their best, no matter what position they have.

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