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How to Limit Lakeland Cheerleading Injuries

It is no secret that Lakeland cheerleading can be a dangerous sport, especially when done without proper training. Especially when it comes to the more difficult and flamboyant moves that involve leaping and tumbling in the air, cheerleaders are placed at potential risk for injury. Fortunately, like any other sport that involves a fair amount of risk, there are many ways that cheerleaders and coaches can work together to minimize the amount of risk that athletes are exposed to.

Proper form

One of the most common causes of cheerleading injury is because of improper form and technique execution by the athlete, especially when they land. No matter how complex or how simple the move you’re executing is, it is important to always learn the proper form in order to avoid injury. Knee and ankle injury is especially common, as improper landing form places undue stress on the knees and ankles which leads to injury.

A good coach

A good coach, especially one that has completed a safety course or has a good amount of experience as a coach can help limit the injury that the athletes get exposed to. If the team is going to be performing moves that involve a high amount of risk, it is very important to have a qualified coach to help guide the team.

Proper and regulated equipment

When executing cheerleading moves, it is important that you, the athlete, and the gym have the right equipment. Make sure that you are wearing clothing that allows for maximum movement without being too loose, as this can snag on a fellow teammate and potentially cause injury. You clothing must be fitting enough without being too restricting.

Your shoes must also be cushioned and allow for proper freedom of movement. The gym where you and your team practice their routines must be padded, or have a soft and even landing surface. Having this type of surface helps minimize the risk of injury by providing a softer surface for the cheerleaders to land on without causing any additional stress on their joints.

Exercise and conditioning

It is always important to maintain a regular fitness routine, even during the off season. Maintain your cardio and stretching to make sure that your body isn’t shocked by the physical activity that it will go through during the cheer season. It is important that your fitness regime includes stretching exercises to help with your flexibility, strength exercises to strengthen their core muscles, and cardio exercises to maximize stamina for your Lakeland cheerleading performances. Improving your body’s overall fitness helps minimize your risk for physical injury.

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