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How To Order Lakeland Cheerleading Uniform And Other Essentials

There is nothing worst in starting a Lakeland cheerleading season than to miss a deadline for ordering uniforms, accessories, and other essentials. Before the cheer season ends, you may want to round up the sizes of the uniforms, as well as the other cheer gear you need to order. This will help you focus on other things—like the tryout—rather than fix the delivery schedule right before the season starts.

Order in bulk

Who covers the expenses of the cheerleading gear? If the school management shoulders it, this is a good indication that you should and can order in bulk. If your girls have to order it by themselves, you may want to advise them to order it together, so you can ask for discounts.

Invest in sublimated items

The trend in cheerleading is sublimated items, which range from uniforms to practice wear. There are many different types of sublimated items for cheerleading and you can choose between performance wear and double knit. The designs are ever evolving, so you won’t have to worry about other teams choosing the same designs as your team. Also, you can ask shops to customize the sublimated items with your team logo.

Choose the right accessories

Since you’ve already gotten discount by ordering the uniforms in bulk, you may want to order your other miscellaneous items from the same shop. Why? Because again, you can ask for discount when you order another item in bulk. This will help you keep within your budget, so you can use the extra savings you have on other important matters such as transportation to and from the location of the competition.

Check the shipping schedule

Even if you have received the proper discount and placed the right order for uniforms and accessories, you may still need to keep on your toes. What else could go wrong, right? Well, have you checked the shipping schedule? Some items may take longer, but everything should be in your gym before the season starts because your cheerleaders have to make sure they fit in the uniform and the gears are all right.

Order during off-peak season

There are certain times in a year when it is much better to order cheer gear. Springtime is the best time to start planning your order. The worst time? It’s between July and September when retailers are busy and they might mix your order with someone else’s. You need to put allowance to your order time as well, so that you have time in case of exchanges and returns.

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