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How To Pack Your Lakeland Cheerleading Bags For Camp

Every summer, Lakeland cheerleading squad is excited for one thing only—cheer camp. It’s a chance to bond with the whole team and the coaches as well. The girls may also meet other cheerleaders from different teams and schools. Learning will surely be fun, but truth be told, it is the friendship and camaraderie developed during camps that will leave a lasting mark in these cheerleaders’ lives.

There is an inevitable problem, though, during camp days—it’s the packing of the bag. What do you need to pack? How can you pack economically? How can you save space in your luggage?

The first thing that you need to determine is how many days or weeks you’re going to spend in camp. If you’re there for a few short days only, there will be no need for a luggage. An overnight bag will do. If your camp will last for weeks, that means a bigger luggage is going to be required of you. Make sure you have both sizes for future travels and outings.

Next, you have to list down the truly essential items you need to bring with you to camp. Since this is a cheerleading camp, it’s important that you have all your cheer gear. That means your workout suit, your cheerleading uniform, your accessories, and even your pom-poms. It has to be the full regalia. Next, how many days are you going to spend in camp? Make sure you have the right number of lingerie, house clothes, pajamas, etc. Are you going to do laundry there? Maybe not. Have enough clothes to last you for the number of days you will be in camp.

Do you need to bring food? Of course, the camp organizers will take care of that for you. But you can still bring healthy snacks of your own, as well as your own water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the whole camp period. Other items you may need, though these are not exactly basic necessities are your electronic gadgets—your phones, tablets, laptops, chargers, eBooks, etc. Mot camps, of course, discourage bringing gadgets because it might take away the focus of the cheerleaders from the program.

In the end, cheer camp is all about learning new skills and new routines. It’s about developing the camaraderie between friends and learning to work with all types of personalities. It’s surely the most fun event cheerleaders participate in annually.

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