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How to Pick the Right Cheer Shoes for Your Lakeland Cheerleading Needs

One of the aspects of a Lakeland cheerleading uniform that we never seem to be lacking in terms of choice is the selection of cheer shoes. Every year, there are new types of cheer shoes being released into the market, which makes it hard for cheerleaders to find the right pair that suits them and their cheer needs. In addition to that, the terminology they use to differentiate the different types of shoes is enough to confuse even the most seasoned cheerleaders. To give you a hand with all this, here is a brief overview on the cheer shoes and how to find the right pair for you.

To start with, let’s take a look at the different terms used in cheer shoes. Understanding these can help you know what exactly you’re looking for in your cheer shoes.

The insole is the inside cushion that your foot rests on. Also referred to as footbeds, this is the part of the shoe that makes sure that your feet are comfortable, and are usually removable.

The instep is the top front part of the shoe, where the laces are typically located. This is where the lace-locking system is found, which is what helps laces stay tied and secured. The midsole is the part of the shoe that is in between the bottom of the shoe and where the foot sits. This part of the shoe is typically used for absorbing shock.

When choosing a shoe for your cheer needs, it would be advisable to go with a shoe that is slip lasted, which means that it designed for more flexibility and less support. This allows cheerleader a wider range of motion, which is ideal for carrying out stunts.

One of the main things to consider when choosing cheerleading shoes is your position on the squad. For example, if you’re a flyer, it would be good to look into slip-lasting shoes, because, as mentioned above, these allow for more flexibility and freedom of movement, which is ideal for a flyer. If you’re a spotter or base, your main priority should be grip and doesn’t slip easily, since you’ll be needing that to keep your feet flat on the floor when supporting the flyers.

However, if you’re into sideline cheerleading, a heavier shoe might be recommended for you, especially if your routine doesn’t have a lot of tumbling involved. If competitive Lakeland cheerleading is your jam, then you should look into a more lightweight shoe for your cheerleading needs.

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