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How To Prepare Before The Lakeland Cheerleading Competition

You may think you have checked all the items on your list. You’ve brought all the gear. You’ve mastered the routine and the choreography. You’ve fixed the transportation and have already arrived at the location of the Lakeland cheerleading competition. And yet, somehow, something is still amiss. That’s because everything and anything can go wrong when we’re talking about a cheerleading competition.

Before going through the competition, you must have a run through with the cheerleaders, their parents, the assistant coaches, and the whole team, in general. Here are some tips on how you can better prepare for the competition:

Have a family meeting once you arrive at the location

Get together everyone as soon as you arrive at the place where the competition will be held. That means gathering the parents, the cheerleaders, and the assistance coaches and mentors. If your team has a group of fans waiting, you can ask for a representative from each group, too. The point of the meeting is to clarify to everyone what their roles are. It must be clear to the parents, for example, where they are allowed to stay while the competition is going on. It must also be clarified who will do the pickups and the drop offs. Some parents are not aware that the run throughs are not open to the general audience. Make this clear to them.

Time is of the essence during the run throughs

You will only get to practice at a specific time of the day. If you miss your practice time, plenty of teams will be running after it. These competitions run like a well-oiled machine. They are always on schedule and they are very strict about it. Make sure that you are all punctual and that you all arrive on time.

Compose your team before, during, and after the competition proper

As soon as your team walks inside the hall, you are already a representative of the whole cheerleading community. Some judges take this very seriously, which means your scores may be affected if you have poor sportsmanship or if you are annoying while waiting for your turn. Make sure that it’s clear to your cheerleaders that they shouldn’t use their mobile phones and that they should compose themselves properly.

Work harder as the competition draws near

Even if you think you have perfected everything, you must still make some late-minute practices to make sure that everyone is on their proper places and that they haven’t forgotten their steps and what needs to be done. This is the quality of a good Lakeland cheerleading coach.

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