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How To Tell Your Non-Cheerleader Friends About Lakeland Cheerleading

Your non-cheerleading friends may not understand all the fascination you have about Lakeland cheerleading. That’s okay. Not everybody will understand the thrill and the excitement you get when you are out there on the field performing and competing. But hey, you have to make them understand, too, because they are your friends and you want them to be a part of what makes you happy, right?

Bring them to practice or competition

What better way to make them understand why you are putting yourself in such bodily pain than showing them what you’ve got. Once they see that you are actually really good at cheerleading, then if they are your friends, they will understand why this is something close to your heart. The truth is, you don’t really have to make them understand. If they see you happy, they will support you. But try to make them see what cheerleading means to you by bringing them to practice or to competitions.

Tell them why it makes you fulfilled

Cheerleading is fulfilling for a lot of reasons. Number one, it boosts the school’s team spirit. Number two, it makes you a part of something bigger. And number three, you are proud of the work you do there. Your friends will understand why this is important to you. As long as something makes you happy, they should be supporting you all the way. The test of true friendships is understand and acceptance. Maybe they are not part of your cheerleading world but it should make them happy that you found your passion.

Let them know they are still a part of your world

Sometimes, your friends are just jealous that you may be spending most of your time with your teammates rather than with them. Make sure that this is not the case by spending time with them when you can. You don’t always have to push your schedule back to make way for them, but you can let them be a part of your world by asking them about what’s keeping them busy and inviting them over to your practice and other activities. If you have a fundraising event with your team, you can ask your other friends for help to raise awareness about the event or to attend it as a sponsor. There are loads of ways you can all feel part of each other’s world. Just have an open mind about everything.

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