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How To Turn Lakeland Cheerleading Into A Family Affair

Lakeland cheerleading

Every parent has an obligation he/she can’t get out of. But if a Lakeland cheerleading member is lucky enough, she may find her parents sitting courtside or in the audience every time she has to take the “stage.” It can sometimes be troubling to get all the family together during weekends seeing as everybody has some errands to do. But, there are ways to actually turn cheerleading, or watching cheerleading, into a family affair.

Wear the team’s colors

Maybe you cannot be there for your sister’s cheerleading competition because you have work or you have errands to run, but you can wear the team’s colors, so that you can show your support. The community, the people who will see you around town will know that you are supporting the team and therefore, your sister, for example.

Listen to the cheerleaders’ stories

Whoever’s a cheerleader in your family, make sure to listen to her stories. Allow her to tell stories during dinner time. This is the perfect time to get to know her and what she’s doing as a cheerleader. Whether they worked on stunts, skills, routines, or choreographies, it would be lovely to know what she is busy with in school or in extra-curricular activities.

Be their biggest supporters

It cannot be helped that cheerleaders will have to go through some of the toughest moments of their teenage lives. When they lose, it hurts them. When they fight with other cheerleaders, it hurts them. When they get injured, it hurts them. Be there for them when these things happen in their lives because it will show that you support them.

Enjoy their victories

That being said, losses are not the only things that happen to a cheerleader’s life. They also get to win here and there. Enjoy these victories with them. It will always be amazing to see how a loved one feels after winning in a competition. Show your support to them by opening your house for her cheerleader friends, for example. Maybe you can prepare a celebratory dinner for them?

Bring the whole family

Once in a while, require the whole family to be there for a loved one who happens to be a cheerleader. Bring the family to the games or the competitions, and show your loved one that you are all there to support her. She will feel better and will be more confident knowing that her family is watching her compete.

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