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Important Life Lessons Learned At Lakeland Cheerleading Camp

Lakeland cheerleading camp is one of the many fun activities you will do as a cheerleader. Actually, the camp will be the most fun of all, way above the highs of winning that state or national championship.

There is nothing like bunking with your teammates to bond over your crushes, your dreams, and your academic challenges. Lakeland cheerleading camp, after all, is all about improving your individual skills, team bonding, and making friends along the way.

But what we don’t know is that camp will also teach us a lot about the future. It will teach us life lessons that would be useful for how we interact with your future schoolmates, teammates, and workmates. We may not realize it but we will be learning subtle lessons along the way.


Here’s the thing about Lakeland cheerleading camps: you will be staying in bunk beds and you will not have your own room. You cannot leave your things lying around because others will be sharing a space with you.

You have to respect them enough to keep things orderly and to organize your things, so everything looks neat and clean. Also, you cannot expect to just follow your teammates wherever they go. You’ve got to organize and manage your time well and see where your personal schedule takes you.


At first, you may have a hard time with some of the stunts being taught but with practice and a lot of perseverance, you will eventually be able to make it. Remember that there is no magic potion if you want to learn a new routine. You need to practice, practice, practice. When you do finally nail the stunt, you will realize that hard work truly pays off.

Here, you learned a valuable life skill—perseverance. You need to be patient and to work hard if you’re going to succeed in life. Even after failing several times, you cannot lose hope or be discouraged. You must continue to strive to thrive.


You have to be respectful of others and their space. Cohabitating in a small area can be a challenge to some people, but you have to remember to be respectful of other’s space, time, and belongings. In the future, when you’re sharing a room with your college dorm mate, this lesson would tide you over the bad times.


In Lakeland cheerleading camp, you will face a lot of your fears, big and small. Deep down, we’re all fearful of one thing or another. You would have to face these fears when you’re in camp.

Whether your fears is learning a new stunt, getting along with other people, and performing in front of a large crowd, you would get over these by the time you finish the camp program.

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