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Is Lakeland Cheerleading Right for You?

Lakeland cheerleading is one of those sports where it looks like a lot of fun, but you’re not entirely sure if you can actually handle what’s expected of you. After all, what do you really know about the routine of cheerleaders?

When you watch the media depictions of cheerleaders, all you see is a bunch of “mean girls” strutting about in short skirts and shaking their poms in front of people’s faces. In reality, cheerleading requires a lot of effort and personal discipline, and anybody who joins cheerleading expecting it to be exactly the same way as it’s being shown on the media is going to be very sorely disappointed.

It’s important that you do as much research about cheerleading if you’re interested in taking part in the sport. Here are some things that you have to consider when making the decision to take part in Lakeland cheerleading.


One of the very first things that you should always consider when looking into joining cheerleading is the time you’re going to have to give up for cheerleading. Because of the extensive training required of cheerleading athletes, you’re going to be expected to come in before or after school, sometimes both, and spend long hours training and doing drills.

Not only that, but there are also weekend training sessions that you might have to participate in when competition season rolls around. During the summer, you have cheerleading camp, especially if you want to make the team next season.

You have to understand that cheerleaders sacrifice so much to get to where they are, and you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to give that much time for cheerleading.


Cost is another serious thing that you have to consider, whether you’re a cheerleading parent or the cheerleader. When you’re going to go into Lakeland cheerleading, you have to expect that you’re going to have to pay for a lot of things.

Uniforms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cheerleading expenses. You also have to pay for gym fees, competition fees, and buy specific cheerleading gear. Of course, if you’re part of a school cheer team, the team will hold fundraisers to help offset the cost of the cheerleader’s expenses, but you will still end up paying for some of those expenses out of pocket.

One way to work around this is by buying used uniforms and gear from some of the older cheerleading alumni to help with some of the costs.

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