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How Do Cheerleaders Boost School Spirit?

Lakeland cheerleading

One of the first things we think about high school is sports games and school events–basketball, football, pep rallies, homecoming and prom, to name a few. Most of these events include cheerleaders standing on the sidelines, waving their pom-poms and trying their best to raise school spirit.

Of course, we never ever realize what cheerleaders must do to boost school spirit not just during school events, but even during ordinary days.

If you’re currently a cheerleader or you want to join Lakeland cheerleading in the future, here are some ways for you to promote school spirit:

Wear your cheerleading uniform

If your school allows it, you should wear your cheerleading uniform anytime you can. Wear them to classes, especially if there is an event after school. Your peers will certainly feel the atmosphere of the game or event, and some of them may be even curious about what’s going on. You can even ask your teachers if you can make a little announcement about the game or event before a class starts.

Hold fundraising events and give away prizes

Your Lakeland cheerleading team can start a fundraising event where those who want to join your cause can pay a small amount to watch your team perform. You can even invite the school’s other clubs to perform something–maybe a mini concert from the chorale or a skit from the theater group. The money collected can buy shirts, caps or other souvenir items that you can give away as prizes. The students will then be inspired to wear these “school spirit” items in or out the campus.

Practice in front of your peers

Invite your friends, their friends and even your teachers to watch as your Lakeland cheerleading team practices. This will allow them to see you in action–how much time and energy you spend on these routines, and how hard you work each day to perfect your stunts, jumps and tumblings. Seeing your team work hard will hopefully improve their school spirit, so that during games, when you ask them to cheer, they will definitely rally behind you.

Have a unique theme every day

Don’t just have a theme within the team. Invite the whole school to join you in dressing up for whatever theme you can think of. For example, instead of having a specific decade for a theme, have a “choose your decade day,” so that people will have the option to dress up according to the decade they want.

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