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Lakeland Cheerleading Outings That Will Build Stronger Bonds

Lakeland cheerleading members have a lot on their hands. They have to learn new routines and dance choreography. They also have to memorize countless cheers and perform dangerous stunts. They have to do all of these while maintaining a positive attitude and making sure they are working well as a team.

Attending cheer practices is not the only way for cheerleaders to develop these skills or to bond with each other. There are ways outside the cheerleading facility that can help cheerleaders keep a closer bond together. Here are some examples of outings that can bond your cheerleaders more closely:

Sign up for a race

It’s better if the race is for something worthwhile, for a cause that your team truly supports. They will be more motivated to finish the race and to raise money for the charity or organization they have chosen. Since cheerleaders are more physically fit than most people, they would most likely land a good spot once the run is over. Signing up for a race will allow the cheerleaders to work and practice together. They will get to know each other and on the day of the race, you, as the coach, can challenge them to finish the race together instead of thinking about individual accolades.

If there is an obstacle race near you or a team relay, that might be better for your cheerleaders. This will encourage them to work together to win as a squad.

Try rock climbing

Most Americans want to try rock climbing because they think it’s cool and exciting. Well, they are not wrong. Rock climbing might be something that your cheerleaders are excited to try. Who knows? You can sign the girls up for a rock climbing activity (just make sure there are safety measures on hand). Rock climbing will require the girls to trust each other. The person on the wall will depend on her partner below to make sure that she will land safely on the ground. To make the activity more impactful, you must challenge them to work with someone in the team they don’t get along with or they are not that comfortable with.

Attend a self-defense class

A self-defense class will teach your cheerleaders the importance of life-saving skills. It will also make them more disciplined and will improve their overall balance and core strength. More importantly, it will boost their confidence. You have to find an instructor, however, who will work well with your girls.

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