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Lakeland Cheerleading Performance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Lakeland cheerleading

One of the most exciting things you’ll experience as a cheerleading is attending and performing at Lakeland cheerleading events. However, with all of the excitement going on and the routines you have to practice, it can be easy to make a few mistakes here and there. Here are some of the most common cheer performance mistakes that cheerleaders make and how to avoid them.

Not attending performance reviews

Performance reviews after a practice or a performance are crucial to developing yourselves together, as a team. Skipping out on these means that you’re missing out on potential to discuss what aspects of the performance went well, and what could use some work. This is a great opportunity to grow together by developing strategies on how to make your next performance even better than the current one. Don’t forget to attend to attend performance reviews to guarantee that you and your squadmates can do your best together.

Forgetting to rely on your squad mates

It can be easy to get caught up during performance day, with everything that’s going on. However, you’re part of a team, and you shouldn’t forget that. Like neglecting to attend performance reviews, forgetting to rely on your squadmates is a definite mistake you should avoid making. You should be supporting one another, and talking to each other if you’re nervous. Don’t forget to include your coach in all this, after all, you’re all in this together as one team. Don’t just stand aside and wait for your turn, encourage each other to bring out the best performance in each other.

Directing your nerves negatively

Nerves are quite common during performance day. However, how you deal with your nerves is very important. There’s nothing wrong with being nervous before and during performance day, but if you’re too nervous, this can negatively impact your performance, which can also affect your team’s performance. Also, never lash out at your squadmates just because you’re nervous. They’re there to help you get through your nerves, and you’re there for them as well. Keep encouraging each other to build up to confidence to rock that routine.

Forgetting the small things

On performance day, don’t sweat the big stuff, like the overall routine and impact. Manage your nerves by focusing on the small things and doing it well. Whether it’s directing your biggest smile at the judges, your makeup, or your hair, always do it the best way you can, and everything else is sure to follow. Also, don’t forget to pack your Lakeland cheerleading essentials in your bag ahead of time, as you may forget something important if you leave packing at the last minute.

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