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Life Skills and Lessons You Pick Up From Lakeland Cheerleading

Lakeland cheerleading athletes are often represented in popular media. From mean girls that everybody worships, to dumb bimbos who can’t tell one end of a stick from another, there are so many negative representations of cheerleaders in the media.

In reality, cheerleaders are hardworking and intelligent athletes that put in a lot of work to execute the stunts that they do. This paints a very different image from the one that plenty of people are used to, which is one of a high school cheerleader fluttering her eyes prettily at a crowd that goes wild from just that.

In truth, each stunt, jump, and cheer took weeks to practice and master, not to mention the countless bumps and bruises that the cheerleaders had to endure to make sure that every move is perfect.

One of the things that majority of people also don’t realize from cheerleading is that they learn so much more than just dance moves and stunts. They also pick up life skills and lessons that stay with them and help them throughout their lives. Here are these lessons.


Confidence is the number one thing that cheerleaders walk away with at the end of the season. Because each and every one of you if put through a strict training program and routine, at the end of it all, you feel as though there’s nothing you can’t get through. If delivering a speech in front of your class used to faze you, after performing an entire cheer routine in front of a crowd of hundreds, that’s nothing.


Lakeland cheerleading ahtletes are some of the strongest and most persistent athletes out there. Because cheerleading calls for a sense of synchronicity and timing, it’s very rare that the entire team can get the routine down pat in just one go. There are so many times when you feel like just giving up, but you know that you can rely on the support and encouragement of the rest of the team, and they on you, in order to get back up and try again.


Cheerleading is all about maintaining a positive attitude, and it’s not difficult for that mindset to bleed over on to your regular life. After running through the routine ten times in the past hour, and still laughing with your squad, there’s nothing that a huge smile and a positive attitude can’t overcome.


It can be easy to get cocky as a Lakeland cheerleading athlete. After all, you’re twenty feet up in the air, higher than anybody in the crowd is below you. However, the great thing about cheerleading is that is has a way of grounding you at the same time.

You are constantly reminded that the win is a team effort, and that each and every one of you had a hand in making the win happen. And if you lose, then you, and everybody else, has the full support of the entire team to help you through it.

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