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Make the Most of Your Lakeland Cheerleading Training

The Lakeland cheerleading season is about to start up, and coaches and cheerleading teams alike are doing their utmost best to get their teams up to their peak performance. Training and drills are underway, and coaches are beginning to formulate ideas for routines.

However, with it being summer, some cheerleaders may be feeling a little complacent due to the fact that they may feel like the new cheer season is still a ways off. However, as all coaches know, the cheer season can come back around faster that you’d expect.

Lollygagging and complacency are not qualities that you want your Lakeland cheerleading athletes to have, especially with is being so close to the new season. To give you some help, here are some ways that you can make the most out of your cheerleading training.

Plan out your practices

One of the best ways that you can make the most out of your Lakeland cheerleading practices is by creating a plan for your daily practices. It might seem like a waste of time, having to create a plan at the beginning, when you could be facilitating actual training and practices.

But you have to understand, taking the few minute to create a plan for your cheer practice at the beginning of the day is much more valuable than wasting time during the actual practice itself figuring out what to do next. Having a physical copy of your training plan creates a more concrete impression on your mind, and it gives you something to refer to when the previous point has been completed.

When creating your daily training plan, make sure that you hit all the main points to make sure that your practice is as well-rounded as possible. Include important points such as: the goals that you’re hoping to achieve with that day’s practice, what drills or routines you’re aiming to practice for that day, how much time you’re planning on spending for each, and any prep work you might need.

In order to maximize your training, create a schedule for the week’s practices as well. This helps cut down on having to create the plans on the day itself, and having a weekly plan keeps you well-prepared for for the entire week. You can plan each day’s drills to complement the previous and the next day’s.

Don’t forget to target on physical health

When creating your scheduled plan, don’t forget to keep your Lakeland cheerleading team’s physical fitness in mind. While running drills are important, you need to make sure that your team is in great physical shape.

No matter how well thought-out your routine is, if your Lakeland cheerleading team lacks the physical ability to pull it off, then you will have difficulty carrying it out. Make sure their routine includes a well-rounded combination of cardio, strength training, flexibility and core training.

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