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Overcoming Stress For Lakeland Cheerleading

If you’re a cheerleader, you have to take care of a lot of things in and out the Lakeland cheerleading community. Aside from going to practice almost every day, you also have to work out, follow a strict diet, study for the finals, finish your school projects, and deal with family and personal issues. How do you deal with that? On top of everything else, you’re a teenager and dealing with a lot of peer pressure—from maintaining friendships to choosing colleges and universities that have a cheerleading program.

Make sure to take a rest

If you feel that you need to take a breather because you are so stressed out, then feel free to do so. All work and no play makes for a miserable person. Eventually, you’re going to be so fed up with everything you need to do that you’ll just break down. That isn’t good for you and it’s not beneficial to the team as well. Do not overwork yourself. Find time to take a breather and rest for a while, so you’ll come back refreshed and more dynamic than before.

Break the monotony

Sometimes, the reason why you are so stressed out is because you keep doing the same things again and again. Break the monotony by doing something else aside from cheerleading. Instead of thinking about practice, working out, the gym, and all other personal issues, why not do something outside of cheerleading like take a walk in the park, go dancing, get a massage, or simply breathe in the fresh air. We are so busy at times that we forget what it really feels like to just exist and do nothing. Reward yourself and do just that.

Let yourself cry

Put on a cryfest of a movie and let it all out. It’s good to have a good cry sometimes because it will loosen up all the boxed up emotions you have. Plus, did you hear crying is good for the skin? Take a look at your skin after you’ve had a good cry. It’s smooth, moist, and flushed.

Allow a pity party

If a good cry can’t cure what you’re feeling, just throw yourself a pity party. Have one day of feeling bad about yourself, complaining, and ranting about every single thing. The thing is, you have to leave that mood once you’re good and ready to go again. Don’t overstay your welcome because no one wants to be around a person who’s constantly complaining about everything.

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