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Prevention Tips for Lakeland Cheerleading Safety

Lakeland cheerleading, like any other sport, takes a certain amount of risk. After all, cheerleading doesn’t only take strength, but flexibility, endurance, and plenty of stamina as well. Pulling off those stunts take a lot of physical and mental exertion.

Like any sport, the athletes are still at risk of injuring themselves. Some people don’t believe that athletes can get injured when cheerleading because of the nature of the sport, but because of the amount of physical effort they put their bodies through, they are also prone to injury.

While the risk is no higher than other sports, the kind of injuries they may incur have the potential to be more severe. Fortunately, there are preventative measures that the athlete can take to avoid these injuries.


Always warm-up before training, practice, and competitions, even if you’re in a hurry. One of the ways you risk injuring yourself is by shocking your muscles with intensive physical activity without doing the proper warm-up exercises.

Do not attempt stunts that are way beyond your level

Some cheerleaders like to push themselves to do even better. While that is an admirable quality, you risk getting injured, especially if the stunt that you’re attempting is way beyond your skill level.

Never attempt a stunt that you haven’t practiced a few times with a partner. Never, ever attempt a stunt that you and your team haven’t practiced during a competition. You not only risk injuring yourself, but your teammates as well.

Don’t stunt alone

Cheerleading is a team sport, and as such, you must never try to practice stunts on your own. Always make sure that you have a teammate or your coach spot you, especially if you’re going to be trying out a risky stunt. After all, the stunts that you’re performing are meant to be carried out as a team, and it’ll be beneficial to everyone if you practice the stunts together.

Use the proper equipment and gear

Always use the proper equipment and gear, even if you’re just practicing stunts. This equipment is standard for a reason, and will definitely help minimize the risk for injury. Also wear the right gear, as they’re designed to be comfortable, yet help prevent injuries.

Always have injuries looked at, no matter how minor

There may be times when you get minor injuries in Lakeland cheerleading. No matter how small the injury seems, always have it looked at as soon as possible. Some injuries can be indicative of something more serious, and having it looked at as early as possible prevents this from happening.

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