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Qualities That Make A Good Lakeland Cheerleading Coach

Coaching is not an easy job. To be able to coach a Lakeland cheerleading team, you need to be 100-percent everything—from mentor to teacher to friend to coach. There are a lot of things required from you because your cheerleaders, their parents, and the whole school or community depend on you to do your best. This is the reason why many coaches are stressed out. The amount of pressure they are receiving from the community is unlike any other. They have to win, but at the same time, they cannot push the cheerleaders too much because they are just “kids,” “teenager” who are only coming to realize what are important in their lives.

Coaches need to be patient, humble, creative, and confident enough to face the challenges head on. On top of everything else, they have to deal with the cheerleaders’ parents who, admit it, can sometimes be quite a pain. Parents want the best for their children, right? Sometimes, wanting the best for their children mean they don’t have limits in interfering with the cheerleading coach on how he handles and manages the team. That’s the reason why there is always tension between the coach and the parents of the cheerleaders.

Coaches need to have excellent communication skills. They don’t only deal with the parents, but they deal with the school management, too. They have to explain the budget, the schedule, the competitions, the cheerleaders, etc. Without excellent communication skills, coaches would be misunderstood and they might get into fights with parents and the school administration.

Coaches need to be encouraging even when he just lost a season. No matter how mature one seems to be, losing in competitions always hurts. There’s something about it that we will never, ever understand. But coaches can’t dwell on that. They need to focus all their attention on the cheerleaders and how they can help them deal with the issue. Losing is a part of life, but it’s not easy to explain to teenagers how they simply have to move on from losing to their toughest competitor and critic.

Coaches need to be properly trained and certified. Coaches don’t just come out of the blue or drop from the high heavens. They must be trained on the proper stunts, jumps, landings, and routines. They must be certified, so that schools would hire them and parents would feel better knowing that their children are safe with their coach.

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