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Recreational Gymnastics

CFA’s Recreational Gymnastics Program is offered for children ages 3 – 18 years old. Gymnastics instruction is provided by our trained coaching staff teaching the basic body positions and foundation skills of the beginning levels, to the “flipping and twisting” skills of the advanced levels. CFA provides an exciting non-competitive gymnastics experience for your child.

Pre-School Gymnastics Classes Focus on:

  • Improving gross and fine motor skills
  • Teaching life skills such as listening, following directions, and taking turns
  • Introducing fitness as a fun, lifelong activity

Recreational Gymnastics Classes Focus on:

  • Introducing proper developmental gymnastics skills and technique
  • Improving strength, flexibility, balance and coordination in a fun environment
  • Developing lifelong fitness habits
  • Tumbling and trampoline skills as they relate to skill development.

Did you know that kids that engage in organized group physical activity such as a weekly Panther gymnastics class tend to have:

  • Mature social skills
  • High self-esteem
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Regular sleep patterns
  • Less likelihood of showing signs of ADD/ADHD or depression

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For Team Gymnastics, please contact the gym at 863-578-3015 for more information.

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