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Safety Tips For Cheerleaders

Lakeland cheerleading

Lakeland cheerleading is a sports. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact, cheerleading is one of the leading cause of sports injuries, mainly to the feet, ankles and legs. Some of these injuries are not that serious, but some can end a cheerleading career.

Because there are a lot of stunts that involve flying, falling, throwing and jumping, cheerleaders are also prone to back and neck injuries, which can lead to permanent disabilities. This is why practicing in a safe and secure way is important for all cheerleaders, regardless of their sets of skills.

Choose a safe place to practice

When you’re working on a new maneuver or a skill, it is important to have the right and safe place to practice it. Try to find a facility with super even floors, so you can put the proper mat that would break a fall or absorb an impact well. Remember that when you start to train as a cheerleader, you will fall without a doubt. There’s no way you can be a cheerleader without at least falling once. A small sprain is always a part of a cheerleader’s life. However, if you know how to be safe while practicing, you won’t have to suffer from it again and again.

Find a qualified coach

Before you enroll in any Lakeland cheerleading class, make sure that the coach is qualified and certified. The coach should have enough experience under his/her belt to handle different personalities and various sets of cheerleading skills. Cheerleading coaches are required to be certified by the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) or a similar organization. It is important to have a qualified coach because he/she will be updated about new safety measures and methods governing cheerleading.

Stay in shape

You think cheerleaders just enter a practice facility and start dancing and doing stunts? No, they have to stay in shape, so they have to workout nonstop to have stronger legs and core, and better endurance and stamina. They are also in a strict healthy diet. They cannot gain too much weight, but they cannot lose too much weight, too. It has to be a balance of diet and workout.

Warm up before practice, competition

Never forget to warm up before a practice or a competition. You may do jumping jacks or jog in place for a few minutes just to get the blood flowing. You can also do some dynamic stretching.

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