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Saying Goodbye at the End of the Lakeland Cheerleading Season

The end of the Lakeland cheerleading season is a time full of a lot of conflicting feelings. On one side, you’re relieved and happy for everything that you managed to accomplish this season. You pulled off stunts that you never expected to pull off, and competed against other teams that seemed intimidating to you when you first encountered them. On the other end, it’s the end of the season, which means it’s time to say goodbye to everyone. The end of the season means that the next season will be a chance to start anew.

Everyone has to tryout to make the team next year, so you might not see some of the others next season, and you’re bound to encounter a lot of new ones. But you know that no matter how tiring this season way, you’re going to miss all the new friends you made as you all go off in your separate ways. This doesn’t have to be a difficult time for you. Here are some tips to help you say goodbye to your team at the end of the cheerleading season.

Do something special as a team

In order to have something to remember, you should all go out as a team together. It can be a weekend away at the beach, or an entire day out at the movies. Have some fun together so that you’ll always have a fond memory to look back on together. You can spend the time together talking about your plans for the next season, or remembering how you all felt during the first weeks of training.

At the end of it all, make sure to take lots of pictures together so that you’ll always have something to remember them by. However, just because it’s the end of the season doesn’t mean that it’s goodbye forever. Take the time to stay in touch with your cheer buddies, after all, you’ve been through thick and thin together. They’re always just a call or a message away.

Look on the bright side of things

While this is definitely an emotional time for all of you, don’t think of it as the end. Always think of it as the beginning of something new. Whether you all decide to stay in cheer, or try something else the next year, you’ll never forget everything that you learned over the season. You’ve gained a little more confidence, and grew more as a person. No matter where your paths take you in life, you all gained something that you’ll always cherish forever.

Don’t forget your coach

Above all, don’t forget your Lakeland cheerleading coach. Even though you might be traumatized by all the training they put your through over the season, in the end, you’re still grateful to them. Without all that hard work and discipline, you would have never gotten to where you are now.

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