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Setting Goals For Your Lakeland Cheerleading Career

Lakeland cheerleading is not for everyone. It is certainly not for the weak of heart. Cheerleading is all about discipline, hard work, passion, and patience. If you are not passionate about cheerleading, if your heart is not into this sports, then you better leave the squad and let the team be. Cheerleading takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. If you are not ready to give up your weekends for practice, then this sports is not for you.

Develop new skills

Do not be contented with what skill set you have. Instead, if you have time, especially during spring break, winter break, and summer break, develop new skills that could land you in a better position within the team. It will not only be beneficial for you, but it would also help your teammates. The more stunts, jumps, and tumbles you can do, the wider your range of choreography will be. Do not simply settle for knowing the basics. Show your passion for the sports by learning more about it every day.

Remain fit and healthy

Stop being complacent. Just because you are now part of the cheerleading team does not mean it allows you to abuse your body and your health. Steadily increase your workout regime and your conditioning workouts. Do not stop just because you’ve already made the squad. Instead, be more inspired to take care of your body because the team depends on you to be strong, stable, flexible, and full of stamina. That being said, you should also eat as healthily as possible because not doing so could create problems in the long run. If you suddenly fall ill in the middle of the competition season, the whole routine would have to change.

Keep up with your academics

Being busy about cheerleading is not reason enough to forget about your academic life. Your life should not revolve around cheerleading even though it feels that way, sometimes. Good education is important because it’s the only thing in your life that no one can take away from you. If in the future you decide to spend your life away from the cheerleading mat, your academics will help you fulfill whatever second options you have lined up. Though school is certainly not for everyone, try to keep up with your academics, so that you won’t fall behind and be forced to resign from the cheerleading team. Remember that the school management would not allow you to join any varsity team if your grades are not at par.

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