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Should You Send Your Child to Lakeland Summer Camps?

With parents becoming more wary of sending their child to school trips or class activities without an adult chaperone, it is easy to understand why some parents balk at the idea of sending their children to Lakeland summer camps. However, it is important to note that sending your child away to camp, whether a sleepaway camp or a day camp, is highly beneficial for them.

While it can be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience for the child and the parent alike, once the child overcomes that, they can immerse themselves in the full camp experience. Here are some of the ways that sending your child to camp can help benefit them.


One of the primary things that makes camp a great experience for children is that they have a tendency to naturally develop self-confidence. This is because the kids are placed in a scenario where their parents aren’t there to make the decisions for them, and they have to step up and learn how to do these for themselves. Whether it’s during a group activity or help lead a particular project, every child has the opportunity to step up and make choices for themselves.

Your child has the opportunity to make memories for themselves

As children, many of us have fond memories of running outdoors, with broken off branches as makeshift weapons and our imaginations as our only source of entertainment. With technology taking the front seat, it is becoming difficult for children to have that experience themselves nowadays. Sending your child to camp helps them create these outdoors memories with their friends, meeting new people, and trying out new things. This is an experience that a child will definitely take with them into adulthood.

Gives them the chance to make new friends

In camp, there are no social cliques or peer pressure, and kids are given the opportunity to be, well, kids. This gives them the confidence to be more open about who they are as individuals, and meet other like-minded kids who share the same interests. They have the chance to meet kids that don’t live in the same district as them, or even the same town, which helps them open their eyes to the possibilities outside of their comfort zone, and helps them become more socially aware.

Helps them stay active

Sending your child to camp guarantees that they are getting the outdoors fun and exercise that summer is well known for, instead of staying indoors. Camp is filled with outdoors activities like sports and hiking, which means that your child is up and moving, getting the most out of their Lakeland summer camps activities.

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