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Summer Activities That Can Work as a Lakeland Cheerleading Workout

Summer has always been a period of in-betweens for any Lakeland cheerleading athlete. This is the period of time when the previous season has ended, and athletes are gearing up for the new one. For some cheerleaders, they choose to make use of their time by participating in cheer camp, which is a camp designed specifically for building new cheer skills.

Other cheerleaders may have other plans in mind, and have to figure out how to work their cheerleading fitness routine into their summer fun. Fortunately, that’s not very hard to do. Here are some fun summer activities that can double as a great cheerleading workout.

Beach volleyball

Well any kind of volleyball, for that matter. Volleyball is a great way to have some competitive fun while getting a great workout in. The combination of cardio and upper body training is a great workout to put in while still having a blast with your friends.


Frisbee can give you almost the same kind of workout that volleyball does, but it’s more focused on cardio rather than upper body strength. Some may balk at the idea of running around with a Frisbee, but once you start to get into the spirit of throwing it back and forth and running after it, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted it in the first place.


Of course, no summer would be complete without some swimming fun! Whether you’re off swimming under the sun at the beach, or at your local swimming pool, swimming is one summer activity that you can never get tired of, no matter how many summers have passed. It’s fantastic cardio, plus, you manage to stay cool even with all the summer heat.

You can create an entire summer fitness routine around swimming alone, whether you’re doing laps around your local swimming pool, or if you’re just splashing around and having fun at the beach with your friends. The great thing about swimming is that it’s low-impact, which allows you to get in a great workout without overly straining your body.


Not many people love the idea of hiking, mostly because of how hot it is, but as long as you plan it right, hiking can actually be a great workout method. Hiking is one of those physical activities that you can thoroughly enjoy at the moment because it doesn’t put any visible strain on you, but the workout strain can really hit you the next day. Your body will get a proper workout when you go through different kinds of terrain, giving yourself the chance to adapt to different kinds of muscle strain.

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