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Summertime Lakeland Cheerleading Issues

Summer will always be known as the time of rest, relaxation, and fun. But for Lakeland cheerleading coaches, this is simply a short period of downtime before the cheer season starts up again. Actually, plenty of cheerleading teams still continue to train, even during the summer, in order to make sure that they’re ready and raring to go when the season starts up.

For cheerleaders, they can rely on their coaches to organize their summertime training schedules. However, for coaches, it’s up to them to organize the training schedules and to get the whole team together. It can be tough for them, as everyone is going to have conflicting schedules. To help you understand, here are some problems that Lakeland cheerleading coaches have to deal with during the summer months.

Conflicting schedules

This is the biggest issue that coaches have to deal with when it comes to handling cheerleading training during the summer.

The athletes may have plans for the summer, and it’s not fair to them if you require that they forego their family and social free time exclusively for cheer training. In order to help counteract this, you can ask the athletes for their summer schedules and try to see what schedule that you can come up this that everyone can be happy with.

But do not take up too much of the athletes’ free time. Limit the training schedules to a few times a week only. Remember, even if summer means a lot of free time for the athletes, they should have some time to themselves as well.

The weather is a pain to deal with

One of the most problematic things that cheerleaders and coaches have to deal with during the summer is the intense heat. This is problematic because of the health risks that come along with it.

One of the biggest things that cheerleaders are at risk of being exposed to when training during the summer is heat stroke and dehydration. If it feels like it really is too hot to train, don’t force it, and take a break. As much as possible, train in an airconditioned gym so that your athletes don’t end up hurt as a result of the heat.

Rule changes in the new season

This does tend to happen sometimes. A Lakeland cheerleading coach can spend the entire summer season perfecting a certain routine, which they could be really happy with.

The cheerleaders will have practiced that routine until they could perform it in their sleep, and when the cheer season comes back round again, it turns out there’s been a rule change, and that there are moves in the routine that are now banned. The best thing you can do is simply pick yourself up and try again.

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