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The Fears Every Lakeland Cheerleading Has

Lakeland cheerleading

While it is true that Lakeland cheerleading members must always have a happy disposition, this is not who they really are. Like mere mortals, cheerleaders, even when they try to cheer everyone up, go through confusions, frustrations, terrifying moments, challengers, personal problems, etc. But every cheerleader shares the same fears when it comes to their careers as cheerers for their schools and respective teams.

Here are some of the things that cheerleaders fear facing each season:

Conditioning day

Athletes like cheerleaders have to face the reality that without proper strength and endurance, they won’t be able to survive the sports they are in. Cheerleaders are no different. During fall season, before the competition season arrives in December, cheerleaders are required to do endurance tests and exercises to make sure that they are up to the challenge. Conditioning activities and workouts are necessary evils to keep the cheerleaders in shape.

Wrong outfit

What would happen if you somehow brought the wrong outfit during a competition? Remember, cheerleaders must don the same uniform because this is part of their routine and choreography. Each dance step, each stunt, each jump is based on how all of the cheerleaders, wearing the same outfit, will look fluid in motion.

That being said, you may also experience wardrobe malfunction while competing or performing. This is the absolute worst thing that could happen to you (except for injuries, of course). When it happens, chalk it up to experience and finish the performance like a pro.

Doing the routines repeatedly

Cheerleaders practice the exact same routine every day. They do it after school and even when they arrive home. They are consumed by their need to perfect each jump and each fly and each dance choreography. However, coaches don’t always feel that cheerleaders are doing enough. They will ask the team to do the routines repeatedly until there is zero mistake during practice.

Forgetting the dance step

Ah, the boon of every cheerleader’s existence. What happens when the nerves get to you and you somehow forgot the dance step to a routine you probably practiced a thousand times? Well, you just follow the leader. Your teammates will know what to do. Just follow their lead and you’ll remember the steps in no time.

Lost an accessory

Accessories like the pom-poms are integral part of a cheerleader’s life. Just like their uniforms, cheerleaders need their pom-poms for uniformity and for the routine to look well-choreographed. Of course, there will be times when cheerleaders lose her pom-poms or left it at home.

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