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3 Things You Need For Cheerleader Tryouts

Lakeland cheerleading

If you have recently come to the decision that you want to be a member of a Lakeland cheerleading team, then that is good for you. Being part of a cheerleading team will make you a better person because it will instill discipline, hardwork, sacrifice, and responsibility in you. There are a lot of ways that you can get in a squad, but all of them will require you to understand that sacrifice is a part of it.

Did you watch Bring It On? It’s a good film, but it brings such a bad connotation to the cheerleading industry—that cheerleaders are chosen based on how they look. While looking good is not a bad thing, that isn’t even an important part of the qualifications to become a cheerleader. What we mean is that it’s certainly a plus point, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of your cheerleading dreams.

There is so much athleticism in cheerleading that looking pretty and sexy in your uniform just doesn’t cut it. Here are three things you need before joining a tryout:

The right practice wear

There is a lot of gear involved once you get involved in cheerleading. That means you need the proper workout and tryout clothes. However, that differs from your regular practice wear. Since cheerleading clothes can be kind of expensive, you can wear your regular workout clothes during practice. Some of the things you have to invest in are tight tees and tanks, sports bra, and mesh or knit shorts. The last thing you want when trying out for a cheerleading team is to full uncomfortable with your body and stunts.

A fitness foundation

You don’t have to be muscular to be a part of a cheerleading squad. You just have to be fit and moderately flexible to set you apart from other cheerleaders hoping to get in the team. Remember, old cheerleaders are also going to be trying out for the squad, so you have to, at least, be able to compete at their level. Once you’re in the team, you’ll learn all the things you need to do to remain fit and strong for the stunts and routines you’re about to do. For now, just start stretching regularly, up your cardio and strength training, and practice sharp motions.

A positive attitude

A smile is the first thing a Lakeland cheerleading coach will notice once you get in that door. The coach would know you’re a first-timer, meaning you may know nothing about cheerleading stunts and routines. Be upfront about your inexperience, but tell the coach that you’re actually excited to be a part of the team and to learn under him/her.

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