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Things You Have To Know About Cleaning Lakeland Cheerleading Uniforms

The uniform of a Lakeland cheerleading member is the most universally recognizable item in a cheerleader’s possession. A squad is identified by their uniforms and any diversion from that will create an unbalanced look for the team.

The modern cheerleading uniform is made as an activewear, meaning it is easier to clean than other clothing materials because it is made from durable polyester knit fabric.

Since you spent hours on a fundraising activity to buy these uniforms and you probably dipped into your own savings, you need to take very good care of it and make sure that it is always clean with the colors not fading and the fabric maintaining its structure.

Don’t go to the dry cleaners

While dry cleaning is the standard response to textile that’s hard to clean, it may not work the same for a cheerleading uniform because it may stiffen, fade, and bubble.

It may also take on a yellowish hue, which will be impossible to hide next to an unblemished uniform.

Use quality detergent

When washing at home, use a detergent that’s popular and made for colorfast garments. Some examples are Cheer and Tide Sport. These detergents will keep the colors of your uniform bright and cheery, but still be able to remove the dirt and odor.

The first time you wash your Lakeland cheerleading uniforms, wash them separately in cold water. After that, wash them normally along with your other pieces of cheer clothing.

Do not use bleach

There’s a stain on your uniform that your detergent cannot remove. Think you can bleach it? Bleach will strip the color and will leave ugly spots and damage the fabric.

White fabric, on the other hand, will turn yellowish, ruining the whole hue of the uniform. Instead, you can use a color-safe bleach alternative or oxygen-based all-fabric bleach to get the tough stains out.

Avoid fabric softener

Though a softener makes the cloth comfortable on your skin, it will set whatever stain or dirt is on the uniform, making it nearly impossible to remove them and make the uniform clean.

Use baking soda

If your detergent is not doing its job, you may have to add a little chemistry to the mix. First, mix cold water with a cup of detergent and one cup of baking soda.

Then, rinse the Lakeland cheerleading uniform with cold water to get the dirt out. After doing so, soak the uniform in the mixture of detergent and baking soda and watch the color neutralize.

Do not wash the uniforms with other clothes

The lint from your cotton or cotton-blend clothes will attach to the decals and the glittery parts of the uniform. Don’t let this happen to your uniform. If you need to wash your uniform, wash them separately and don’t mix with your other clothes.

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