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Things You Secretly Love About Lakeland Cheerleading Conditioning Workouts

There are many dreaded words in Lakeland cheerleading such as injuries, accidents, losses, workouts, and practice (at times). But if there’s one word every cheerleader dreads, it is this: conditioning. This kind of workout hurts the body in many ways than you can count, but it is essential for the strength, stability, and stamina of every cheerleader. By not being properly conditioned, our bodies can give up from the strain and the stress we put it under during cheerleading practice and competition.

And yet, admit it, there are things you absolutely love about conditioning workouts and no, you’re not a masochist. What you are is appreciative of the opportunities you have in cheerleading.

Health and wellness

You feel much better after a conditioning workout. Your muscles may ache, but you know you’re going to achieve something good in the future. The fact is, your body may be aching but it’s the end results that you’re looking at. You will feel more confident about yourself because you are fitter and you have more stamina than ever before. It will also help you fight off colds and cough, and you will be less susceptible to injuries.


Your body is burning fat when you are working out. This ups your adrenaline levels and it release a large amount of endorphins throughout your body. Endorphins, as you well know, is the hormone that is responsible for us feeling happy. At the end of the conditioning practice, you will feel different because you are happier and more optimistic.

Team bonding

Here’s a nice little fact about Lakeland cheerleading: conditioning practices help the team bond more. Why? It is for the simple reason that you all despise conditioning equally. It’s your common denominator. Everyone doesn’t want to do it but you all know it’s good for your bodies. So, while doing the workouts, you end up complaining about it collectively. The fact that you all struggle with it makes it a good bonding session. And don’t you just love it? You don’t get to bond too much with the team because you’re all busy with schoolwork and cheerleading practice, but conditioning workouts are good times to complain about it.


Conditioning practices make you learn one thing: that in order to achieve your goals, you have to go through hardships. It makes you disciplined and it makes you a more responsible person. You’ll find soon enough when you begin adulting that it made you more patient and it made you a better person.

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