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Three Warning Signs That Your Lakeland Cheerleading Gears Have To Be Replaced

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In Lakeland cheerleading, it’s important to stick to a certain budget and prioritize what you really need. Although you want to have the newest cheerleading gear, it’s not always wise to purchase new sets just because you want it. Even if there’s a trendy uniform that everyone seems to have, cheerleaders and their coaches have to discuss among themselves if it’s practical to spend their budget on this said new gear.

Of course, keeping your gear updated will help you feel confident and secure. It will make sure you’ll be the best cheerleader you can be. But of course, there will be times that you really have to replace your cheerleading gear already. Here are the three warning signs that you need to buy a new set of cheerleading gear:

Your clothes have holes on them

It might be fashionable these days to wear clothes with holes, tears, or other “impurities” on them, but these are only good for casual wear and definitely does not go well if you want to perform as a cheerleader. This is also a safety hazard for you and your teammates. You can get in an accident if a teammate accidentally catches her finger in a hole in your shirt or skirt or shorts. Your teammates could break their fingers or they could accidentally lose their balance and drop you. They can also pull you down with them. This is especially important when you’re making stunts and other challenging kind of routines.

Your clothes don’t fit anymore

How are you going to dance or do the choreography if you don’t fit in your clothes anymore? Clothing that is too loose can also cause problems. This is the reason why a cheerleading gear is different from other athlete’s gear or uniform. The gear has to be flexible enough because you and your teammates depend on each other. You certainly don’t want to put yourself and your teammates’ health at risk.

Your shoes are worn out

Girls love to have an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, but this is one reason that is valid. If your shoes are worn out, especially if its soles have already separated, then you’ve got a problem. There are other signs, too, such as when the grip has worn off, the seams have split, and the cushioning has already flattened. Also, if you noticed that your feet start to hurt, that is definitely a sign that you need to replace your shoes.

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