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Trust and Your Lakeland Cheerleading Team

In Lakeland cheerleading, one of the biggest indicators of success is trust. Cheerleading takes a lot of trust. The cheerleaders should have a lot of trust in their coach to guide them. Coaches have a lot of trust in the team to execute moves according to the best of their abilities. And most of all, cheerleaders must have a lot of trust in each other.

Between bases and flyers, the entire foundation of cheerleading relies on a high level of trust among all of the cheerleaders. This is probably the main reason why cheerleaders end up as life-long friends. You can’t place that amount of trust in a person and not be friends with them. If your team is still starting out, how do you develop that level or trust?

You cannot expect the team to automatically trust each other. As they say, trust is earned, not expected. Fortunately, there are exercises that teams can perform to help kickstart that trust. Here are some trust exercises and activities that help build trust in your team.

Struggle as a team

Have you heard of the saying, “unity in the face of adversity”? Plenty of teams build a sense of camaraderie and trust in each other when they go through something difficult together. This is why coaches often assign difficult drills and other strenuous team building exercises.

Teams find it easier and are more likely to build trust among each other if they managed to accomplish a difficult task together as a team. It also helps the team as a whole by being good physical exercise, as well as helps the team build confidence in the skills and abilities of the individual team members.

Trust falls

Trust falls are another popular team building activity, not only in cheerleading, but in other team-related activities, even in the corporate setting. The way it’s set up is that you always have to trust your partner to catch you. Everyone splits up in teams of two, and they takes turns falling and catching each other.

The falling person has to cross their arms across their chest, and simply fall backwards, trusting the other person to catch them. The entire team takes turns with each other and guarantees that everyone has caught everyone else at least once.

Bonding activities

In addition to trust exercises and stressful activity, one of the best ways to bond and build trust as a Lakeland cheerleading team is by taking part in bonding activities together. From team outings like the movies, dinner, and picnics, this helps you build trust in each other as a team, and bond as friends.

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