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The Benefits Of Warming Up Before Cheering

Lakeland cheerleading

It’s not at all surprising that many people consider warming up a waste of time. After all, the information drive about the importance of warming up before and after Lakeland cheerleading hasn’t been emphasized enough. To understand how vital this is, you need to know just one thing: it can prevent injuries from occurring.

Though warming up is not necessarily a vaccine of some sort against injuries such as a sprain or a broken bone, it can prevent soreness and that general feeling of discomfort after the cheerleading practice is done.

Here are the other benefits of warming up before a cheerleading practice, tryout, or competition:

Increase in muscle temperature

When your muscles are properly warmed up before practice or any rigorous activity, it will contract with much force and it will also relax at a higher speed. With the right warm-up routine, your muscles will warm up and your speed and strength will be boosted. While most people think “stretching exercises” are a form of warm up, they are completely wrong. You still need to warm up before the stretching forms. This will help prevent your muscles from feeling sore.

Blood vessels will dilate

Warming up causes your blood vessels to dilate, and this is an important aspect of your body’s response to reduce the tension that strenuous physical activity gives to your heart. It can also increase the flow of blood in your whole body, which can prevent the feeling of nausea when you are tired from practice.

Ability of the body to cool down faster

When your body is properly warmed up, it will also be able to cool down more easily and faster. Cooling down is important, so that your muscles will not retain all of the heat from the practice or training. There are adverse effects too much heat can give your muscles when training for Lakeland cheerleading.

Increases range of motion

You’ll notice that you can flex your muscles more when you do some stretching, right? This will be better if you pair it up with warm-up routines. Your joints will be more flexible, so you will be able to do more difficult stunts. At the same time, you’ll have use of your muscles’ full range of motion.

Boost in mental focus

Warming up will give your body the time to get ready for what’s to come. Lakeland cheerleading is not an easy feat, and tryouts and practices are usually so mind-bendingly exhausting. If your body is not prepared for the onslaught of rigorous activities, you may feel exhausted as soon as you begin the routines.

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