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What Can We Learn From Cheerleaders?

What are some of the things we can learn from Lakeland cheerleaders? It’s not all about dancing and flipping in the air, mind you. Cheerleaders also offer us a glimpse into their discipline, their dedication, and their passion.

There are a lot of things we can learn from cheerleaders that we can apply in our daily lives. Take a look at some of these that our dear Lakeland cheerleaders are applying in their lives.

Time management

It’s not an easy thing–to manage your schedule, especially if you’re juggling school, work and cheerleading. But cheerleaders have been doing all of these since they joined the squad. They wake up extra early to exercise and work out, go to school, join cheerleading practice, and then maybe even work afterwards for their extra allowance.

On weekends, they either finish some school projects or train more for cheerleading competitions. They follow this routine every day, including holidays and spring or summer breaks. Remember that when it comes to training for cheerleading, there is no break from that.


It takes a different kind of discipline to follow a rigorous schedule such as what cheerleaders have been living through. There is barely enough time for yourself, let alone hang out with your loved ones, so your cheerleading group ultimately becomes your family, too.

While all their friends are hanging out in a coffee shop somewhere in town, Lakeland cheerleaders are instead in the training facility, practicing new stunts and flips.


To be truly successful in what they do, cheerleaders must trust each other. In doing so, they’ll develop incredible teamwork, without which they cannot implement and execute their stunts.

Once they are working already, the teamwork they learned to built while still with the squad would help in bringing success to their careers. They’ll be able to work well alone or with a team.


Cheerleading is a very competitive sports. It may look easy because cheerleaders are always looking their best and smiling when competing, but it’s difficult and takes an extra special set of skills and values to perform.

Cheerleaders represent their schools or their communities in competitions. Don’t be fooled by their smiles. They want to win, and they go out there to get that trophy. In today’s highly competitive industries, this is a trait everyone should have and embrace. As long as you’re competitive, it is less likely that you’ll fail exceedingly in your career.

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