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What Should A Lakeland Cheerleading Have In Her Closet?

Every Lakeland cheerleading is different in terms of members, practice, coaches, strategies, rules, regulations, culture, and uniform. When it comes to their gear, they must have separate colors, motifs, and themes. No two cheerleading teams are the same when it comes to their gear. This helps define their uniqueness and originality in front of the crowd, especially if they are competing for a title.

However, what most cheerleader would admit is essentially, they have the same things inside their closets. Here are the five essentials for cheerleaders:

Cheer socks

This is a staple in every cheerleader closet. If you’re a cheerleader, you don’t only have a drawer full of cheer socks, you also have one particular pair that has become your favorite. There are even rumors that some cheerleaders don’t wash their socks and prefer them that way during a winning streak. Okay, that’s only a rumor and there’s nothing wrong with following a little “lucky” tradition.


Cheerleaders don’t need as many bows as they should with cheer socks and cheer uniforms, but it’s hard not to collect cheer bows if you’re a cheerleader because retailers come out with cute designs every season. It’s just difficult to neglect collecting every design there is. Parents usually frown upon their kids when they kept buying bows for cheerleading but what they don’t understand is that bows make cheerleaders more confident about their style and their overall look for the competition.

Cheer shoes

This is not only an essential, but it’s a critical component of every cheer outfit. Cheerleaders have at least two pairs of shoes—one for practice and one for competition. The one for practice is scuffed, dirty, and probably worn out. The pair for competition is always clean and ready to go. Before anything else though, cheerleaders need to understand how important it is to have the right pair of shoes that will protect their ankles from injuries.


Fitted performance practice wear is a must if you’re always stunting, jumping, cartwheeling, and tumbling. For cheerleaders, spandex is a way of life. They need it everywhere they go. Check out any cheerleader’s closet and they will surely have drawers of spandex sports bras, capris, shirts, pants, etc.

Warmup outfits

Although cheerleaders wear spandex most of the time, there are days when they need warm clothing because of the weather or because the gym is too cold. That’s why they also need warmup clothing that will keep them warm and comfortable until the time comes for their performance.

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